Vote for Caltech's Cody Finke in Nat Geo's Chasing Genius Challenge!

Caltech's own Cody Finke is a finalist in the $25K Nat Geo Chasing Genius Challenge. Please vote for Cody online to help bring attention to and support his "Genius Idea" that could significantly decrease the cost of materials needed for sustainable technologies related to energy production and wastewater treatment. Cody is a graduate student in the Hoffmann Group (EAS-ESE), Resnick Grad Research Fellow, and all-around outstanding human.

The entry videos could only be 1-minute long, so you'll have to track him down for details. In the meantime, please help Cody chase this genius idea by spreading the word, voting and encouraging your friends and colleagues to do the same. The public vote ends Sept. 15, so please vote ASAP. The $25K prize would help him develop prototypes and get this idea out of the lab and into the field.

Thank you for your support! Go Cody, Caltech and Clean Energy!

VOTE HERE BEFORE SEPT. 15th -THANKS! (PS: Apparently you can vote once per day!)