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  • Credit: Jensen Lab/Caltech
BBE, biology
11/30/2015 09:53:05

Viral Videos (and Bacterial Ones, Too)

Grant Jensen is a high-powered movie producer. You won't see his name on any of this fall's Hollywood blockbusters, but in the field of cell biology, he has revolutionized the view that researchers, and even the curious public, get of the insides of cells. He does this through the innovative use of a digital camera and specialized electron microscope, which together enable a field called cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM.

Now, he's taking what he's learned over the past 13 years using cryo-EM and sharing it with the world through a series of online videos that serve as visual textbooks to teach to the world the skills and knowledge needed for cryo-EM studies.

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Written by Ramanuj Basu